Commercial VFD Water Booster Systems

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Towle Whitney manufactures variable speed booster pump systems for new commercial installations and to replace old and
antiquated constant speed systems. We provide complete pressure boosting solutions for Car washes, Hotels, Schools,
Hospitals, Restaurants, amusement parks and high rise buildings. Our systems are accurately sized by our expert booster
system designers to deliver the required performance with the highest efficiency possible. Some of the features include:

•        Variable speed [VS] systems are extremely energy efficient
•        VS systems improve the pump performance and reduce wear & tear due to the soft start / stop feature
•        Overall system horse power is lowered by using Variable frequency drives
•        The variable frequency drive, which is a compact unit, regulates all the pump operations eliminating need for mechanical
components like the hydraulic control valve, pressure range switch, pump speed control & large control panels
•        Towle Whitney builds custom designed Simplex, Duplex, Triplex or Multiplex systems based on your specific
requirements at a budget price





The system has many advantages:

  • The cost of installing the CTS Copper Companion Flange is much lower.  The brazing time required to complete a satisfactory joint between the Copper Companion Flange and the tube is up to 20% less than the brazing time required to attach a bronze flange.
  • The time needed to align the bronze flange with its opposing fitting is eliminated totally.
  • The fully floating CTS steel backing flange can be rotated freely around the joint to match a fixed flange on installed equipment without using force.  The CTS Copper Companion Flange functional efficiency is enhanced by features such as automatic central positioning of the flange due to the unique design of the neoprene insulator, which ensures a positive seal.
  • CTS Flange eliminates the requirement for bolt installation kits needed to prevent electrolysis between companion flanges and associated steel or iron valves and equipment.
  • CTS Flange is also available for copper roll groove applications.   Dramatic time savings with preheating and cool down time reduced.






Leonard Point-of-Use Valves now achieve 0.25 GPM Minimum Flow!!!


As state and national directives, such as CAL Green and LEED, continue to drive buildings to use less and less water, Leonard has stepped up to the challenge to support the needs of the industy. 0.375 GPM low flow aerators are now being used on faucets, and this presents a challenge to supply tempered water, as up until this point, most ASSE 1070 point-of-use valves had a minimum flow of 0.5 GPM. Well, the game changes now!!! Leonard's Model 170-LF (3/8" connections) and 270-LF (1/2") are now approved to ASSE 1070 with a minimum flow of 0.25 GPM! This is the lowest minimum flow of any 1070 POU in the market today! In addition, both valves are Lead Free certified, in advance of the national S.3874 mandate. Please contact your local Leonard represenative for product information and pricing.


Guardian Plus Dual Check Hydrant and Stainless Steel Box



The Guardian Hydrant allows water to be shut off at the hydrant, preventing building-wide service disruptions. It offers freeze protection for outdoors applications and full flow with a quarter turn of the key or handle. An integral vacuum breaker and dual check valves eliminate contamination of the water supply.


Enviro-Flo® II Trench Drain System


The contractor-friendly Enviro-Flo® II trench drainage system includes exciting new features for flexible installation and adjustment in the field. The Enviro-Flo II is constructed from environmentally friendly materials that are easier to cut to make connections on the job site. New tongue & groove connections ensure a tighter, more uniform joint. The new frame features integral clips for rebar installation. The Enviro-Flo II features a new accessory rail that allows for separate attachments, such as bottom or side outlets, to be added. A recycled board insert for protection during the pour comes standard with the Enviro-Flo II.