CTS Copper Press Fit Flange 150lb

Sizes 2″ through 4″
Usable on any press fit system, soldering, or grooving.
Suitable for all brass companion flange applications.
No cracking or warping due to overheating, or cooling too rapidly. Heating and cooling time reduced or eliminated.
Adjustable rotating flange, eliminating 2 holing.
100% Electrolysis Protection
Save money on gases and solder.
Copper component is 99.9% copper eliminating any lead issues.
Burst pressure for 2″ – 4″ is 1000 PSI.
Temperature range is -66F to 272F.
Applications include all butterfly and flanged gate valve installations, along with pumps, boilers, chillers, backflow devices.
No extra costs, such as dielectric insulators. Availabe in 150LB, 300LB